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The said event was held at Plaza Alemania Hotel, Palao, Iligan City from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and was attended by representatives from numerous organizations and institutions of Lanao del Sur and other parts of ARMM. “Advancing Women’s Participation and Action Towards the Establishment of the Bangsamoro’ was the timely theme of the event spearheaded by Ms. Tarhata M. Maglangit, BWSC, PCT Head- EnPoʟD and Ms. Adelaida Ditucalan, BWSC, PCT member, EnPolD.

Ms. Ditucalan gave the opening remarks as well as welcomed and introduced the participants. Ms. Maglangit then proceeded to briefly elucidate on what the EnPolD stood for, its aims and its project goals before introducing the resource speaker, the very dynamic Professor Zainal Dimaukom Kulidtod, consultant of IPDM and MPPM, and Senior Professor of the Political Science Department at the Mindanao State University.

Professor Kulidtod’s lecture was actually several topics all rolled into one; a detailed summary of what every Bangsamoro should know regarding BBL and federalism. He stressed how the Bangsamoro women should be aware and spread awareness of such information as their role is undeniably crucial in raising the future generations. Because it is only if they are armed with adequate knowledge that they can be a vital part towards the establishment of the Bangsamoro. His two Power Point presentations entitled, “Mindanao Peace Process: Insights on the Transformation from ARMM to Bangsamoro” and “Transition from the Bangsamoro to the Federal Government: Its Implications & Prospects” showed the historical background of the Mindanao conflict and the efforts of past and present Moros in resolving it as well as what a federal type of government has to offer to the Bangsamoro. His “bombastic” (as he termed it) presentation was far from the typical boring lecture as it was accompanied by his wit, sense of humor and frank statements uncovering the hidden realities revolving around BBL and federalism.

After the insightful discussion of the resource speaker which took up the morning session, the afternoon was allotted for an open forum wherein the participants actively posed their questions and voiced out their opinions, facilitated by the moderator, Ms. Pinky Hadji Ali.

The open forum over, Ms. Adelaida Ditucalan then gave the closing remarks and with her colleagues presented the placque of appreciation to the resource speaker after which everybody gamely had their group shots with Professor Kulidtod.

Overall, the event was a success as it served as an eye-opener to the possibilities, realities, hopes, and future aspirations that could be brought about by the BBL and federalism but without sugarcoating the weaknesses of the two when it came to meeting the Bangsamoro expectations. Women were satisfactorily given an arena for political dialogue in the forum as well as gained several insights that could positively impact their role in establishing the Bangsamoro.