EnPolD Bangsamoro is a 3-year project that provides a credible arena for political dialogue to build consensus and ownership of the political reforms and peace process as key to sustainable and inclusive peace.


The project facilitates the political dialogue between the Bangsamoro and national political institutions including advocates and study groups on federalism to ensure that charter changes and/or the shift to a federal system are means to implement and not to decimate the gains of Moro autonomy and peace agreements.  


EnPolD shall expand, build, and learn from the Pro-Politics Project (Promoting Political Climate and Stability for Peace in the Bangsamoro) that IAG implemented under the BASIC program of DFAT Australia to build the support of Local Government Units (LGUs) to the implementation of the GPH-MILF peace agreement.


EnPolD will continue to engage the LGUs and expand the arena for dialogue to include other key stakeholders towards the implementation of all signed peace agreements alongside legal and constitutional reforms and the proposed shift to a federal Philippines.


Moro women leaders will play a central role in the project as enablers, beneficiaries, facilitators, and advocates. EnPolD will help raise the capacities of Moro women leaders in leadership, advocacy and consensus-building.


EnPolD will monitor, support, inform, and advocate the agreed peace infrastructure moving forward. It is only through meaningful political dialogues that the peace process and the relations, attitudes, and mindsets of key stakeholders can be transformed towards greater openness for inclusion, compromise, and cooperation.