Go said Duterte and Misuari both expressed their desire for a lasting peace in Mindanao.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the “only information” he got was Duterte and Misuari talked about federalism.

“Now this is not new in the sense that he has been regularly meeting with Nur Misuari. But again, the only thing I got was that they talked about federalism,” Roque said at a news conference on Thursday.

It was the first meeting between the President and Misuari since the former signed the Bangsamoro Organic Law last month.

The BOL aims to end decades of conflict in Mindanao by creating a political entity that would enjoy greater autonomy than the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Duterte also met with Indonesian Ambassador Dr. Sinyo Harry Sarundajang, Dante Ang, special envoy of the Royal Council of the Sulu Sultanate Datu Shahbandar Abdusakur Tan and Sulu mayors.

In his meeting with Sulu mayors, Duterte renewed his vow to bring peace to Mindanao through the establishment of Bangsamoro region and federal government.

“I’ve always wanted peace… Ang akin talaga is peace a t all costs,” he said.

The President, however, allayed fears that a federal type of government will cause an unfair distribution of power in local governments, saying that he will ensure equality and fairness once the federal form of government is in place.

“We don’t intend to leave anybody behind so things can move forward,” he said.