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Project Coordinator, Vandrazel Birowa, said in his opening remarks that, “this conversation we have came to propose (is) that to have the perspective ng (of the) academe…when you are discussing about political updates, we need to hear the voices of members from the academe especially those of teaching political science… such as sharing these ideas in the communities…how would we send the message to the grassroots. We might want to come up as an output of this group. Ano man yung ma share na insights and perspective out of these conversations we might as well share with the community it can be in paper such as journal… (sic).”

Participating professors came from the following colleges and universities; Western Mindanao State University, Southern City Colleges, HMIJ, and Non-Government Organizations Staff Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance (ZABIDA) and Peace Advocates Zamboanga Foundation.

In totality, the participants shared their common point of views and understanding on Federalism as a theory and concept of Government. As for the concerns raised, the august body agreed upon two (2) concerns: a. Lack of Public Consultation and b. Lack of further community research (acceptability of people from the grassroots). At the end of the conversation, the participants suggested do-able approaches to address the above-mention concerns. According to Professor Edding of the Western Mindanao State University, that he is “willing to be part of the advocacy to explain to the grass root (level)”, wherein community information dissemination was suggested.

Prof. Alganih Mohammad, synthesized the overall suggestions which is as follows: 1. Research; get the perceptions of the people with regards to the adaptation of federalism; 2. BOL: ask people then acceptability of the BOL especially people in the areas where they are covered by the new Bangsamoro entity and lastly, a simplified survey using the concept of a community (barangay) caravan. It was also emphasized, in the aspect of simplifying, that if it is possible that survey instruments be simplified and translated to local dialects of target areas. It was also added later on the possibility of partnering with radio outlets that reaches grass root areas of the Southern Philippines particularly Central and Western Mindanao. Radio news outlet, Radyo ng Bayan, was recommended and it was suggested that a negotiation or agreement must take place to provide a free primetime broadcast slot to at least have an informative conversation on Federalism and Bangsamoro Organic Law.

The conversation ended with a verbal agreement of conducting a part 2 wherein further details will be discussed on the interventions suggested.